Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finding Spring

Spring hasn't officially come to us just yet but on this mild pre-Spring day the littles and I decided we should go out and see what we can find! We took a nice little walkabout through the fields around our home where we visited the sheep, found a 'beautiful castle', found a great hill to roll down, and lots of other great finds. Come with us on our journey to see what we found!

Buds on our apple trees

Busy Bees

Our new Mama Sheep.....she had
 two babies last night!
The littles finding their new 'castle'

Happy Farm Dog!
What are you finding in your journeys about that let you know Spring is on its way?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A winter's day

Well, it isn't much of winter around here in the Northeast. I mean it's cold and all but there is no snow, the average temperature is anywhere in the mid to high 30's, there isn't much luck for ice skating and the skiing is a little wet, but, nonetheless, it's January which means techincally it's winter!!!

Today the littlest ones in my home and I went for a little walk-about to 'find' winter. We bundled up after our lunch and headed out into the grey, cold day. It did flurry as we were heading to the creek, which was a welcome surprise! Charlotte insisted that we would need a sled to return home in.......I love her wild imagination!

We wandered about for a few minutes, getting ourselves adjusted to the dim forest lighting, the cold air, the crackily sound below our boots. We laughed as our feet got caught up in the downed branches and one of us would inevitably stumble. The sound of the creek was as serene as in the summertime however it's babble did not lure us into it's waters! Instead, we kept close to the edge and were mystified by the ice that had formed over the running water and along it's edge forming intricate weaving and designs that required a closer look! Charlotte (my 4 year old) took this photo while leaning over and hangin around a tree! Great shot, huh?!

This is a favorite spot for us to go to. The familiaraity is something akin to home. It's comforting, it's inspiring, it's exciting. You'll always discover something that wasn't there the last time you visited. The girls were able to dig up rocks and then return them with a splash in the creek. We found this lovely little hideaway that we imagined could have been a home to a chipmunk, a woodland fairy, a bird.

It was a lovely day, taking in the crisp air and vacant scenery. The children devoured every moment, as they usually do when they are out of doors. It's hard to be outside when the weather is cold and grey but I must request that you take the time, if for only a few minutes, to let your kids get out and stretch their lungs, their legs, their spirits; and not just them, for you, too! At least for me, I know I feel recharged and calmer by being outside. It's a connection that a human can only receive when unplugged and in the vast surroundings of our natural world.

Among other things, Nature holds a bounty of treasures for the discovering. Today we found an abundance of horse chestnut shells. So.....we repurposed our left over beeswax candle nubs and made floating candles. Below is a collage of photos, starting in the left hand corner and going across you'll see:
  1. Our lovely treasures
  2. Our candle pieces inside a glass jar (one that won't need to be used for anything else other than melting wax)
  3. Our jar placed in a pot of boiling water
  4. Almost melted wax
  5. Melted wax (took about 15 minutes for the wax to melt)
  6. The waxed wick that we cut up in to 1/2 inch pieces to put inside the shells
  7. The shells with their wicks
  8. Here is the photo of the shells after they had been filled with the melted wax. If I had the proper tools I would have taken the time to dig out the 'hoof' print inside the shell to make it hollow. Leaving it there, these little candles will only burn for a few short minutes, but, the top part of the shells (which we only found one of today) makes a nice little candle that will burn for about 10 minutes. Perfect timing for little children to enjoy their beautiful work!
  9. This photo is of the little candles lit, floating in a crystal bowl of water. We had them on our dinner table this evening and it was a lovely way to celebrate our outing and the winding down of a busy day!

It's the little moments like this that help bring more meaning, more intent into our lives; the discovery, the delight, togetherness, and celebration. It's the simple things, truly, that help us to remember that our moments don't always need bells and whistles.......our moments simply need us to 'BE'.

I wish you all a lovely day full of little treasures that allow you to 'be' in your moments more fully xoxo

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Every Cloud has a silver lining.......

.....I know, because I saw one tonight. It was the most blissful, brilliant, most rapturous light I may have ever seen......I wished that I had stopped to watch it advance with the sunset. The colors were phenomenal.......the clouds were a stark blue and the sky was deep reds and pinks. The sun was glowing it's warm radiant yellow fire from behind the cloud and then framing the cloud was this intense illumination! It truly was breathtaking!!!

I'm not one for cliches but this one is quite beautiful. Life is amazing. I'm so thankful to trust in a loving God, share my life with loving family and friends. Even though I am aware of my great fortune, I am still human. Therefore, I still struggle with my own difficulties;like forgiveness, unconditionality, being present. This week in particular I've been really digging deep to the root of lots of issues and realizing all the power I need to change them is in me. Who knew?

"Within you is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that you need and desire." ~ Wayne Dyer

I believe that. I also believe that love simply is. So, if I put two and two together and then ask myself the question "Is what I'm about to say or do going to bring me peace?" then I would be lead to the certainty that all of the answers I am looking for lie within my own heart. the silver lining. Simple, right?

My hope is that by sharing this bit of radiant joy with you, from my heart to yours, that you too will find peace within your own heart. That you will feel the warmth and joy and shear excitement of knowing that you are divine. That God is love and love simply is. Good night, dear void.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Open your eyes!

Look around you......what do you see? Is it what you hoped to see? Have you seen all that you had hoped to see? Are you missing someone or something for lack of seeing them? Sight is a tender gift and it goes straight to the heart. You look at a loved one and immediately emotions beyond comprehension fill you and overwhelm you. You see an amazing piece of art or one that might be a little less than interesting but your eyes follow over the images without fail and you question: who, what, where, when and why? I keep paying reference to that time that seems to be slipping is, don't be fooled, time is tick,tick,ticking away so STOP! LOOK! OBSERVE all that surrounds you. Pay attention to the little details, the dents, the dings, the it away and pay homage to the gift that you can see.........a movie, the smile of your child, the love of your life, the ocean, a snowflake! Open your eyes and reveal in the miracles, that what this page is dedicated to. My hope is to provide you with enough ways to help you focus your sights on the things that truly matter......even if it is only a movie, your eyes and the doorway to your soul! Only let the beautiful things in.
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